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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What is Customer Engagement Score?

Getting a loyal customer is a marketer’s objective; making them a brand advocate is attaining nirvana! Customer Journey, Brand Advocacy, Net Promoter Score, Customer Engagement Score, Moments of Truth etc. are all terms associated with this. A recent article that I read, brought back memories of Customer Engagement Score.

What is Customer Engagement Score?

Simply put, customer engagement score is a magic number that helps you understand how engaged are your customers with your brand.Keeping a tap on the customer engagement score helps you not only to identify unhappy customers; but also come up with opportunities of enhancing their experience and up-sells.
Calculating the engagement score is perhaps the trickiest part. A mere high volume of engagement of users with a product doesn’t always mean a positive note — it could be just that they are spending too much time to understand how to use your service! Here is a good article I cam across on deriving engagement score.

Components of Customer Engagement Score

As mentioned above, deriving the engagement score is unique to each business. It depends on multiple factors, customer touch points and usage levels. It also depends on aspects like demographics, level of need etc. The article I mentioned in the beginning was one such research from Oxford Brooks University . It’s about understanding the factors that influence a customer’s overall engagement with a brand; specifically how emotions and demographics play key roles.
Again, due to the very tricky nature of deriving a single number capturing the engagement, I felt the research is skewed based in industries selected. For example, it said — between married and unmarried; the married showed better engagement score and when it comes countries/regions Turkish, Brazilian and American consumers showed a better customer engagement score when compared to Scandinavian Countries and the UK. Does this mean go more digital in the US and Brazil and less in the UK ?
In my opinion, branding is again the key factor. Let’s assume the brand is Babyhug which brings out baby products.So we can expect more of young parents to be following the product or someone who could be either old/young who has a baby in the family might be engaged with the product. They will definitely show a better customer engagement score irrespective of the country/region/sex/marital status. What are the factors that the marketers are looking forward while defining the customer engagement ratios? Thus defining customer engagement score is solely dependent on the brand and industry.

Moments of Truth and Customer Engagement Score

The key part in defining any customer journey is identifying moments of truth.Moments of truth are handshakes between the customer and an organization in a manner that customer forms an opinion about the organization’s service/product  offering. It can also be considered as the instance that gives and opportunity to the organization or customer to change the opinion of the service. These will also be the key ingredients of calculating customer engagement scores. For example — how many touch points or how much involvement is required in each moment of truth etc.
Information explosion and access to channels has made a marketer’s life difficult. For example, how is the marketing, advertising, re-targeting, on-boarding and servicing is inter-linked to generate a WOW-making customer experience?Starting from branding, each and every touch-point is important. For example, a simple gesture such as, a children’s clinic calling back parents to check on how well their kid is doing after consultation or a restaurant making a call to a couple for wishing them for their anniversary etc. are some of the practices that are already in place and which results in loyalty.
Above all that there should be no compromise on the quality of the products, which definitely increases the confidence of a customer gradually building his customer engagement score and also the options such as recommend the product to your friends might definitely help since it makes sure that the customer who buys the product actually likes it and he is letting his friends (who is more likely to buy same kind of products) aware of that.


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