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Monday, October 29, 2018

Latest unicorns – Chief Marketing Technologists

It was Gartner and HBR who formalized the role of Chief Marketing Technologist in 2014. Three years hence, I think this is a role still evolving; and in the early stages. It is now a well-known fact that the impact of technology on marketing and advertising is enormous.What is more key is the fact that, technology enables a marketer to personalize the message, segment better and reach the optimal set of prospective customers.

Invasion of Technology over Marketing

A recent report from emarketer indicates that marketers are increasingly using technology to better understand customers and needs. At the same time, they are using it significantly to keep up with competition. A look at the martech landscape published by chiefmartech or adtech landscape published by Luma Partners indicates the number of companies playing in this field and the complexity it has created. 2016 saw lot of consolidation and it is expected that two key things will happen in 2017 — more consolidation and better integration among offerings. I am sure Google and Facebook will continue to be the frontrunners.
Another key aspect is the invasion of analytics and data science as you would have expected 🙂

Defining Marketing Technology

Chiefmartech blog by Scott Brinker is perhaps the undisputed resource on learning about the domain. Here is also a short podcast from eMarketer.

Understanding the role of Chief Marketing Technologist

Three keys skills relate to CMTO role — Marketing, Technology and Business acumen. Technology enables the marketer to be more analytical.There are many factors that impact the adoption of Chief Marketing Technologist role ranging from ego clashes to technical know-how. It’s a question of whether the CMO becoming more tech savvy or the CIO becoming more Marketing savvy or creating an altogether new persona.
A Chief Marketing Technologist is expected to achieve three key objectives
  1. Aid the Chief Marketing Officer to better reach the right prospects with the help of technology
  2. Formulate a backbone of technology and framework that helps end-to-end customer relations starting from creating awareness to creating loyalists
  3. Champion across the organization; the idea of coexistence of marketing and technology to achieve organizational goals and vision


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