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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Humorous Ads – Do they have better brand recall?

Humor as an advertising theme is a time tested one. The biggest challenge of picking up and executing humorous ads is in its inherent possibility of alienating viewers. For example – though no pun intended, if the advertisement mock at some sector or demographics, it may fail (for example, Flipkart Assured commercial showcasing Gurkhas as watchmen)

Curating the ad in the right way will result in attractiveness and better recall. Humor as a theme has couple of advantages

  • It can attract all if done right
  • The length of ads could be optimized
  • The re-call factor and psychological connection with the brand could be accelerated

Cricbuzz Advertisement

Let’s consider a slightly old example of a humorous ads – cricbuzz advertisement during last Cricket World Cup Series.

It’s a 24 sec ad which in my opinion has succeeded in implanting ‘cricbuzz’ as a cricket update app in most of the viewers.  The length is small when compared to other ads; it grabs attention, make the viewer smile , followed by showcasing cricbuzz as THE cricket update ad.

Cadbury’s Dil Jo Keh Raha Hai Suno

Let’s now take the example of Cadbury’s Dil Jo Keh Raha Hai Suno ad. Shown in various lengths, this is a good example of how humor can be effectively utilized to catch the attention of a viewer from ad clutter, implant a strong brand message and even make viewers eager to watch it again!. I am sure, irrespective of age and gender, everyone would have smiled while watching the ad. Also, the curator has not taken any pun, exaggeration or sarcasm to give the humorous flavor; instead taken a possible slice of life adaption.

Amazon Pranks (April Fool)

Now, let’s shift our focus from TV commercials to Digital world. On April Fool’s day, Amazon India decided to play some prank and attract visitors to its website. Once again, a beautiful idea, executed well. Amazon emails and home page showcase something like below

Did you see it? Did you fell prey for it? Didn’t you laugh a bit? Amazon also beautifully utilized this opportunity to introduce of the new launches which I am sure many would have at least visited the individual web pages; if not bought something!

So what do you think about humor as an advertising technique? Do they have better viewership, and better brand recall?