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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Review – The Content Code by Mark Schaefer

Last weekend, picked up a new book to read and it was one of the quickest books I read recently. The Content Code written by Mark Schaefer is one of the most read and suggested book in the content marketing. There were many easy takeaways, learning and thought-provoking ideas from this book. In this post we will review few of them.

About Mark Schaefer

I think, Mark doesn’t need any introduction. Mark is one of the pioneers in content marketing and social media. He has written many other books like Return on Influence, Social Media Explained, The Tao of Twitter and Born to Blog. His blog, {grow} is also something not to miss.

The Content Code

The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your businessdiscusses about what makes your content hot. Through-out the book, Mark discusses about the importance of share-ability of articles and caveats making a content sharable.
The real power only comes to those who can create content that connects, engages, and moves through the network through social sharing.
One of the key chapters I really liked is around what motivates a user to share content. Starting by putting forth the fact that; hardly anyone shares by default — Marks reiterates the research finding that people share if they relate and believe to what they read.

Content Ignition

Mark discusses an entire chapter on how to make your content fly high. He calls it content ignition and share 22 practical ways to make your content become hot. This range from basic steps like making sure social sharing buttons are added to writing catchy headlines to using visuals to creating conversations

Alpha Audiences and Proprietary Audiences

In the next chapter, he discusses about creating an alpha audience who will vouch for you even in dreams. Some of the interesting things he discusses in this are how even celebrities fail when it comes to raise charity funds through their social media followers.
The author builds his thoughts around alpha audiences with influencers and building a heroic brand.Throughout these, he maintains the main proposition of connecting humanly with the audience as opposed to a corporate level. This helps to build the rapport better and easier. He stresses this with the help of real life examples from his own social media followers.

Effective promotion of content

A chapter is dedicated to channels of promotion and distribution.Topics such as link roundups, newsjacking etc. are discussed in this chapter. Later the idea of social signals and proof is discussed.

Content Marketing Action Plan

The final chapter provides a daily/monthly checklist on what can be done to improve your content strategy.Daily checklist include activities like running a judicious laundry list of websites to promote your content. Monthly checklist include activities like finding new influencers, offline events or meeting your alpha audience.
Overall a good book to treasure in your library!