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Monday, May 16, 2016

Five TED Talks for all MBAs and MBA aspirants!

TED has been a great platform to listen to some of the greatest minds and ideas. TED is so vast today that its literally impossible to watch all the videos from TED and TEDx. I thought to share with you five TED talks every B School aspirant, or MBA student must watch. As said, these are the ones I picked from the talks I watched during B School, before and after. I am sure there are many more that you can share with the readers. 

How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek 

MBA is all about leadership these days. Every curiculum and Business school try to impart on its students theories of leadership, and groom leaders. In this talk, Simon Sinek discusses about inspiring employees or followers to take action.Contrary to explain what we do - how we do and why why do (in that order), Simon argues that it should be always in the reverse order; and that's what makes an organization different. Making understand the employees, and customers the purpose of the firm makes the difference. He makes his points taking examples of Apple, comparing Wright Brothers with Samuel Pierpont Langley, TiVO and more.

How I harnessed the wind by William Kamkwamba

There are many entrepreneurship and inspiration related talks in TED. But this is one of my favorites. This shows how an idea and passion can really change people's lives. This a talk which will make you think how small ideas, the learning from your education can give back to society. Its a short talk in which he explains how he made a windmill for his village from scrap items and reading from a public library. Another talk that will poke you is How I started a sanitary napkin revolution! By Arunachalam Muruganantham.

Lead like the great conductors by Itay Talgam

It's a talk by leadership; its a talk about having a process. It's a talk about how to motivate and give a sense of ownership to employees instead of micro management. He talks the approach of showing sub videos of various orchestra conductors, their styles and what leadership learning we can take. I really liked this video because of then engaging factor and the topics/ideas he subtly put forth.

How to pitch to a VC by David S. Rose

A typical MBA type talk; discussing about Venture Capitalist presentation.He talks about what to say, how to say, how to create the presentation. Also he goes into depth of what VCs expect in these presentations.

How data will transform business by Philip Evans

If you are an MBA aspirant, this talk gives a feel of how the lectures on Economis and Strategy will be - with all the jargons, frameworks and high level pictures. In this talk, Philip Evans, a consultant at BCG put forth the idea of how data is transforming the thinking of business strategy. He touches on how fall in transaction costs, technology/internet reduces or kills intermediaries. It asks some great poking questions about how technology is forcing business models to evolve.


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