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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

This is the time when everyone talks about what to expect in 2016 - be it Stock Markets, Business or Astrology! Predictions, suggestions, thoughts and cautionary notes come out. Here are my five top things, which I think will dominate in the marketing world….what do you think?

Accelerated Content Marketing

This is nothing new; from inbound to content - content has become the driving factor when it comes to online marketing. I believe this will continue to be the area of thrust with Digital Marketers continuing to invest in creative content deliveries to attract customers.

Focus on Influencer Marketing

Again not a new concept (and perhaps a subset of content marketing); but for sure to explode in 2016. Influencer Marketing (or Brand Advocates or whatever jazzy name you give) will be something businesses will need to concentrate more and careful selection for the platforms - be it YouTube, Snapchat or something will be critical to success (dirtying your hands on all may not be the right way to go).

Increased Mobile Focus

I remember in my previous company, we used to go behind Mobile as a holy grail; I believe that will continue and Mobile may become the de facto standard for businesses to start with - be it an app, mobile site, or advertising. This will be even more important with search engines giving importance to mobile over desktop (with app indexing etc.)


I remember the first days of sending personalized emails (it was a great feeling!). Today personalization has reached to a new level. We can have personalized campaigns, messaging and what not - that too at scale. Personalization is not just limited to emails or eCommerce (where you see the recommendations based on purchase or browsing behavior), it can be creatively used anywhere - be it your website or during offline events. Accelerated use of mobile devices also helps in personalizing content.

Technology Overtake

Technology will be the driving factor and continue to change the landscape. Sometimes while interacting with media planning teams, I wonder whether I talking to marketers to technologists :) Industry experts also predict, we can continue to see a lot of consolidation in the market. Hoping to see a lot less cluttered lumascapes!

Finally here are two articles on the same topic which I believe covers a lot of depth asks some thought-provoking questions.


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