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Friday, November 27, 2015

Book Review : Why I failed by Shweta Punj

Why I failed - Lessons from Leaders by Shweta Punj attracted my attention since most of the books on business/self-help talks about success or how to succeed. This book is a collection of failure stories by well know personalities. I started readin it with an expectation to get a different perspective; but to be honest it disappointed me.

Most of the failure stories are told at a very high level and fails to describe the details. I am sure most the readers wanted that extra-piece of narrative on what happened, how it happened, its consecunces and how leaders overcame it. Sometimes I felt the book is just another one talking about success and how to succeed :) The only piece of thought I could take out of the book was - everyone including the leaders that we adore goes to phases of failure.

The book talks about 16 stories of leaders from various domains. The ones I felt inspiring were Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Sminu Jindal. The least digestable ones were like the ones of Abhinav Bindra (was the failure really due to pressure of expectations? or just overconfidence?) and Narayana Murthy (because I have read marvellous narratives in other articles)

Overall, a good read; but don't over-expect. I felt it to be more how they succeeded stories than failure stories!


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