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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Days fly by!

It has been 5 Years since I joined IIM Bangalore. I can't believe 2 years have passed by since I graduated! Days just fly by; interestingly I am completing 8 years in the industry and 4.5 years in Marketing!

Marketing, specifically Digital Marketing has been my bread and butter for past few years; and the domain continue to intrigue me each and every day.Looking back, I miss IIMB, my friends and the grill we used to have.The exposure those days gave, the pumping knowledge, articles and what not feel amazing even today. To be honest, sometimes I doubt how I coped up all those; that too with enjoyment.Two subjects - Marketing and Strategy that attracted me the most continues to be my interest areas even today; apparently the the subject that I hated the most - Finance continue to be the same :)

Reflecting on the whole journey...I think it has also reached the starting point of Mid-Life crisis! This is the time, you get all those questions - what have you achieved, what's the priority, where to focus, what's my future and how to continue one's passion? 12 Years has passed by, beginning as a budding electrical engineer shifting to computer programming, then to management and finally to marketing (individual contributor to lead to marketer to lead to individual contributor LOL). 

With another 30 years ahead of me, thoughts swing between a PhD to Entrepreneurship to Manager to start-ups. It's all a haze with some beacons gathered during the three years at B-School. One of this year's resolution was to keep this blog alive;which somehow I struggle to do. I intend to revamp a bit the blog, continue writing about my learning in the world of business. So stay tuned....