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Friday, May 8, 2015

How to make your content fly? - Here are the two known-secrets you need to re-learn

As you might have thought while reading the headline - there are no unknown secrets to making your content fly.Put it in plain vanilla words - it needs to be what your reader will consider valuable. Here are the two such secrets that you should keep in mind while writing anything in your blog or website - Relevance and Share-ability. As I mentioned earlier in a post, a reader comes to your site to gain some value - whether it is knowledge or entertainment. Thus the content needs to be relevant for her. How do you ensure the content is relevant? Here are three questions that you can ask yourself -

1. Is your content focused for a specific group? It's quite natural that one expects the content of a blog post or website to be specific rather than generic - are you writing the content for a beginner or a professional? are your writing it for an engineer or a decision maker? are you writing it for a kid or a teenager? Thus keeping in mind your target reader's demographics is really important.
2. Is your content personalized? By this, I mean whether the reader is getting a personal touch - is your content more like a textbook or a guidebook; is it more like mentor writing or a robot writing? Are you getting to crux effectively or are your beating around the bush? Often I have seen content marketers fall into this trap of telling the same thing in different ways.
The second secret - share-ability is often getting prominence today. The things that you need to keep in mind is - is your content short and sweet? Is it something a reader will bookmark - either personally or in a social bookmarking platform? Is it something she will tweet about or share in an email to her friends? Unless you give importance to the online word of mouth, you will have hard time publicizing your content, blog or site. These days even search engines are becoming intelligent enough to understand how good is your content level, how relevant it is for a prospective search engineer user or reader?
Keep these success mantras while you write anything online --
  • Make it relevant to the target audience
  • Make it short and to the point
  • Make it share-able


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