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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Book Review : The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki

I had the opportunity to get a copy, read and review the latest book by Guy Kawasaki titled The Art of Social Media. It is co-authored with Peg Fitzpatrick. A short yet practical book written for social media professionals!

The authors don't start with the usual gyaan on why social media is important, where it is going; what are the opportunities for a marketer and so on. The first chapter straightaway goes into the details of how you can make your profile pages in social media better. In essence, the authors opine that the profile page should be likeable, trustworthy and competent. One advice that I liked in this chapter is to have a mantra or tag line for yourself like the ones for companies (For example DIGISTRA: Digital marketing untangled).
The next section of the book concentrates on content. The authors tackle the content piece with two pillars - one on how generate content (not only yours; but utilize others' content) to keep your social media accounts active and the second pillar being how to create effective social media content. Guy Kawasaki provides a list of aggregators, scheduler and websites one can consider to populate the content. When it comes to the second pillar on how to make your content stellar, the authors provide these mantras -
  1. Make the content valuable to readers
  2. Make the content share-able, bold and interesting
  3. Make the content brief. Respect others' time
  4. Make the content visually appealing
  5. Make references while you write the content and be organized while sharing in social media
Later, the authors discuss about improving engagement - How to enable it using tools (like sharing buttons or joining networks), handling comments. A chapter is also dedicated to using social media in promoting events. But I felt most of the tactics discussed were commonly known ones. The last few chapters are dedicated to using platforms like Google Hangout and running twitter chats. A chapter is also dedicated to tips & tricks in using various social media platforms like LinkedIn to slideshare to twitter.

Overall a light and good read on time-tested best practices, tips & tricks in using social media in your digital marketing mix.


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