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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

10 Truths I learnt at my B School

Here are some of the truths I learnt the hard way...some of them nothing specific to B School life; somethings - may be because I acted so naive in some situations!
  1. Networking is not all about Hi and Bye
  2. There is not such thing as free lunch
  3. The world is competitive; you cannot escape from it!
  4. Watch out for opportunities; once missed; they are missed forever!
  5. MBA doesn't make you the senior executive you dreamt of overnight
  6. B School is really hyped sometimes :)
  7. B School is where you have all the licenses for inventing terms and jargons even for common sense :)
  8. A bluffer who can talk well will be lauded and the one with substance will be ignored if you are keeping it to yourself
  9. Carrot and Stick approach works well even in IIMs
  10. There can be utterly mediocre Professors even in the so called best B Schools in the world!