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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Penultimate Quarter

Should I be happy that my MBA is coming to and end or should I be sad that the journey will come to an end?

Well, it is a mixed reaction. I could have completed the course this quarter; but I decided to stretch it officially to next quarter too. Sometimes I feel, why this is never ending and sometimes I tend to think will this continue for ever. The latter thought deepens when I see some of my seniors still coming back to meet Profs, attend events or simply because of withdrawal symptoms :) To be honest the second year was not that eventful and enthusiastic as the first year; however I guess the remaining days in IIMB will be more thrilling :)

There have some significant changes and happenings at school - new Chair Person, change in admission pattern, yet another batch coming in and our batch slowly passing on the baton to the junior batch! This quarter I took three subjects - two in HR and the third in Marketing. The interesting part this time around is that there are no text books per se for any of these subjects. I was very happy when I read the course outlines - I just need to read the articles and cases; but my happiness didn't last long. In two of these subjects, we are expected to review, summarize and present learnings from two business books each!

In a way it is fun, I will get a chance to read some of the classics like Mojo, Steve Jobs, Being the Boss, The Rising Tide etc. And it fills the pipeline for the next set of blog posts :)

Some marketing pitch as a PGSEMer :) - There is a open house tomorrow; On the spot registration is available; if you plan to register - here is the link http://www.iimb.ernet.in/node/3250

You can also follow in Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/iimb.pgsem

The main change from this year onwards is that there will not be PGSEM Test anymore and only GMAT & CAT scores are accepted for admissions.