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Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Review : The Vault Guide to Schmoozing

A random pick from library during the term break; it was not a bad choice :)

I have found Vault Career Guides always useful and The Vault Guide to Schmoozing was no different! After a series of book reviews related to business and management domain...here is one in 'soft skills' domain :)

What attracted me more to this book was the word - 'schmoozing'. Honestly I had no clue about the word's meaning before reading the contents of the book! When I understood the meaning, the obvious question & I am sure all of you would have a also had -  a book on formal flirting? :P

Well, it is not a subject that can be  mocked away like that, especially in this world! Interesting part for me was that, as and when I read each chapter, I could very corelate to few of my marketing colleagues. This confirmed the fact that this skill is required more often in a business professional domain, especially like marketing, consulting or business development; compared to say, may be a software programmer!

The chapters of the book are well written and classified. The features I liked the most were interviews and profiles given appropriately in each chapter. Though chapters based on schmoozing on the job, school etc. are so redundant or obvious, overall the book is worth reading! It may look funny/obvious, however this is the crux of the book or rather the core guidelines/steps for schmoozing:

1) Smile making an eye contact; you don't loose in smiling!
2) If you don't feel you have the confidence; fake it! by practice, you will become confident.
3) Feeling uncomfortable in schmoozing; practice!
4) Met with a set back in your try? Forget it and move on!
5) Control your prejudice; Be delibrate in schmoozing and move out of your comfort zone!
6) Do your research; Take an interest; Listen & pay attention; Find similarities between you and your target ;)
7) Do favors; Take favors.
8) Schmooze everyone - from a janitor to your peers to your boss! (I have seen many of my colleagues practicing this especially even if they have no direct relation - like say a boss or peers. It has done many favors for them!)