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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book Review : Understanding Digital Marketing by Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones

If you want to know what information overload is, think about online marketing! There are plenty of blogs, books and resources about digital marketing, online marketing and social media marketing. Daring to write another book is a rare thing. Yet I chose to take the book on Understanding Digital Marketing by Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones from library to learn more about digital marketing :)

If you are a person like me who wants to have all the information under one umbrella, this book is right for you. Also a word of caution - if you are a pro in online marketing, this book may not be for you.

I liked the book and its worth reading!

The book gives a good coverage of all aspects of digital marketing starting from good web design to online PR and interactive media.

One area I felt, the authors could have spent more time was on analytics. For example, it just touches the topics of A/B testing or web optimizer without giving much insight.

The chapter on Email Marketing is really nice; the one on social media needs improvement; considering the information available on social media is too much; I believe its OK :) A nice introductory chapter on affiliate marketing is also provided; however I felt it could have been also much better.

Though the book has its own blah blah gyaan, I felt this is one of the books that give some real insight or at least good knowledge bank for a new comer to the world of digital marketing! worth reading....

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