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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Book Review : Effective Proposal Writing by Vasudev Murthy

One good thing about studying one of the best B Schools is you get the opportunity to hear directly from in horse's mouth in many courses. Elements of Management Consulting is one of those electives I took this quarter and Prof. Vasudev Murthy is the instructor.
Can consulting skills be taught in a class?

NO was the emphatic answer given by the professor on the first day of the course. But few soft skills, best practices and valuable tools can be taught in class rooms. The book Effective Proposal Writing by Vasudev Murthy serves that purpose.

Very lucidly written, the book provides some good insights into written business communication.The most important part I liked in this book were the two example proposals provided. The chapter on 'Organization of a proposal' is also nicely written and worth it!

Some of the other useful things I got from reading this book were the concept of fog index and proposal checklist provided. The internet resources provided in the book are also worth viewing.

Overall a good book for a practitioner.


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