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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quarter 5 - A retrospective

So far the fastest quarter in PGSEM. After a month's break, this quarter started in a very lazy mood; by the time I was active, it got over!

Struggling with four 3 credits course, with two demanding courses and one very demanding Professor, this quarter was a bullet train. The beginning of the quarter witnessed many crisis management, debates and altercations in the context of some events we organized, later a wonderful cultural night organized by the new batch.With this quarter, I am confident that I can read any case and make a presentation within 10 minutes! Irony was for a project in which we spent hour less nights, we got only a fair evaluation; while for a presentation we made within 1/2 hour @ 12AM because of other submissions, we got appreciation unimaginable! Strange world or is it the cliche 'only quality matters; not the quantity" :P

After lots of thoughts, I decided to contest in the elections for Students' Council and I am now the elected Secretary of PGSEM Students' Affairs Council! Its a huge responsibility and I believe it is a good opportunity to organize, plan and implement many of my ideas and improve my leadership skills ;)

Meanwhile results for 2 subjects are already out and the situation in this front are not improving :( Ironically in quarter 6 also I have four subjects!


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