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Friday, September 30, 2011

Quarter 6 - A wonderful beginning!

Half way through the journey of PGSEM; this quarter I decided to stay completely away from Finance subjects! Once again I took four subjects - 3 of them are taught by celebrated Professors in IIMB.

Time flies just like that; already 1/3rd of the quarter is over. Things are getting heated up with projects, assignments, events etc. etc. I have taken two Entrepreneurship related courses this quarter - New Venture Creation and Social Entrepreneurship. The third one is close to my heart (or rather work ;) ) - B2B Market Management. With learning all these new subjects on Finance, Marketing, Strategy - career dilemma is obvious and so in order to tackle it, I took a course on career management(read because I thought it will be a light-weight course :P)

This quarter is going to be tough with multiple projects in each course and other extra curricular. Its clearly evident in this blog itself with reduced number of posts these days. Meanwhile I take this opportunity to thank all readers of this blog.The blog has reached its viewership of ~11000 views from around 92 countries/territories as per Google Analytics!

Today Vista 2011 has started. It my second edition. Only PGSEMers get the fortune of attending/organizing it for 3 times ;) Visit http://www.iimb-vista.com/index.php for more details

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quarter 5 - A retrospective

So far the fastest quarter in PGSEM. After a month's break, this quarter started in a very lazy mood; by the time I was active, it got over!

Struggling with four 3 credits course, with two demanding courses and one very demanding Professor, this quarter was a bullet train. The beginning of the quarter witnessed many crisis management, debates and altercations in the context of some events we organized, later a wonderful cultural night organized by the new batch.With this quarter, I am confident that I can read any case and make a presentation within 10 minutes! Irony was for a project in which we spent hour less nights, we got only a fair evaluation; while for a presentation we made within 1/2 hour @ 12AM because of other submissions, we got appreciation unimaginable! Strange world or is it the cliche 'only quality matters; not the quantity" :P

After lots of thoughts, I decided to contest in the elections for Students' Council and I am now the elected Secretary of PGSEM Students' Affairs Council! Its a huge responsibility and I believe it is a good opportunity to organize, plan and implement many of my ideas and improve my leadership skills ;)

Meanwhile results for 2 subjects are already out and the situation in this front are not improving :( Ironically in quarter 6 also I have four subjects!