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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Book Review : Advertising and Promotion

Marketing Communications was one of my first elective courses. Advertising and Promotion by George E Belch, Michael A Belch and Keyor Purani was the course textbook.

To be honest, the usage of the text book was very limited since the course reading material and the insights from the Professor was enough. Backed with the new work profile, the textbook looked so theoretical :P

The book contents is very extensive covering all aspects of integrated marketing communications beginning with a strong foundation on IMC. The coverage given in the text book for budgeting is interesting. It also gives a good view about ad agencies and its working and compensation; but I felt a more practical approach could have been even better.

A good coverage is given for creative strategy and media planning. The book also touches upon other topics like supporting media, personal selling and direct selling. The coverage for PR and Corporate Adverting is minimal and the coverage about digital advertising is poor.

The most interesting feature included in the book is the career profile applicable in various chapters :) Also make sure you visit the companion website.

Overallan OK OK book :)