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Sunday, July 31, 2011

time flies fast!

Just 3 weeks of classes left for 5th quarter to finish!!

This quarter seem to be the most hectic one among the quarters so far. I guess its because of the RAMBO effect :) I noticed I have slept only for 5 hours in the last 60 hours! Our final project in a course called consumer behavior is over. We were the unfortunate group to have both project and case presentation scheduled back to back. That meant 45%+ marks at stake in just two days!

Fortunately, we didn't get a blast for both the presentations from the Professor. For the first one, he said...."good presentation....in fact I had pushed this group to rework in the last minute; but they came back very vigorously!" LOL and for the second presentation..."excellent...good insights and amount of effort put in!"  Overall I felt, the time spent was worth it! It was literally pushing your limits in the last week.

So many more submissions in the next three weeks....I also noticed I have complete gone out of the radar of extra curricular these days! time just flies...

Eximius - The Entrepreneurship Summit of IIM Bangalore is coming. I wish I had participated in some of the competitions; atleast I will attend the talks and workshops...


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