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Monday, July 11, 2011

drenched under deep water....

When I wrote a demotivating post in this blog, I wished I will never write one again. I am afraid that will continue...but hey! who said B School is only about the media hyped encounters and how else can an experience be memorable without having both sorts. So far this quarter has been the most hectic one. When my seniors said it will be suicidal attempt if you are taking Consumer Behavior along with 3 other courses, I took it lightly. Now I am rethinking did I take their advice lightly ;)

Last quarter saw the lowest grades I can get; or more is waiting me....only time will tell! From As to Cs, the transition was very smooth :P And the GPA is continuing its downward slope ;) Fifth quarter is no different with quiz marks starting at pathetic single digits like 1s and 2s....only respite is the topper is getting only 4 and 5 ;)

Is the extra curricular activities to be blamed or is it the office or is it my laziness! Obviously not the last one :P And to aggravate all these, had to face a lot of criticisms for the events in which I was part of the organizing team; the unfortunate part is that those who doesn't have any rights to criticize are on the other side....but again hey! are these the real learning from a B School or for that matter any school! Sometimes, I think should I be part of any of these; should I just go there attend the wisdom of professors and come back to study....sometimes I reinforce my self that that is not the only thing you should care about as I wrote in one of my first posts ;)

By the way, all these have motivated to goto library and take a book by Prof. Srikumar Rao. I will write a review soon .

A number of events are lined up in IIMB like eximius, vista and also we have to plan for some of our own events...not sure how much time will I get to participate in all these...

Till next post....enjoy some of the other blogs of new PGSEMers:


  1. Hi Vijay, I share your views on the grades. mine is also pathetic.
    - Jeffrey, EPGP 2011-12

  2. True Jeffrey...We are the followers of 'we go to classes for knowledge & learning' :)