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Friday, June 3, 2011

Book Review : Social Media Metrics By Jim Sterne

One of the best books I have read on social media!

It doesn't talk about what a blog is or what twitter is or general blah blah on how to tweet, when tweet or blog frequency. Though the book touches on all these aspects, the book takes an altogether different approach of making sense in real value from these. That of course is in terms of increased prospects or sales leads or actual sales!

More or less like AIDA model, the author Jim Sterne talks about following phases for a meaningful success in social media:

1. Getting focused - Identifying the goals
2. Getting Attention - Reaching audience
3. Getting Respect - Identifying influence
                                   4. Getting Emotional - Recognizing sentiment
                                   5. Getting Response - Triggering action
                                   6. Getting Message - Hearing conversation
                                   7. Getting Results - Driving business outcomes
                                   8. Getting Buy-In - Convincing colleagues
                                   9. Getting Ahead - Seeing the future

Some of the topics where he discussed about twitter, the importance of retweets, measurement of blog-personnel-resource were really good. At the same time I felt the author was going into a blah blah mode when he was discussing Convincing colleagues.

The resources given in the appendix are really good. Overall I enjoyed reading the book! Was handy for some of work requirements too....


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