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Monday, May 30, 2011

we are seniors!

We welcomed the 14th batch of PGSEM on Friday. Once again I got the opportunity to stay in hostel even if it was just for 3 days.

This time, the orientation was scheduled for complete 3 days because of the CSITM workshop. Though I didn't expect to see many new students at 7 AM on Friday, I was proved wrong with atleast 10 people already present before I reached campus! After initial hiccups, we got the hostel keys and asked them to assemble at auditorium. Slightly different from our orientation, we started with very formal presentations introducing them to IIMB, PGSEM and other nuisances of the courses. After some presentations, question & answer sessions and registration processes, we dispersed. Later the day was followed by a session by Prof. Agrawal, Inauguration & an alumni session. The alumni session was really interesting even for us :)

A late night with lots of games; we allowed them to go back to hostel with lot of things to prepare by 12 AM. This was because CSITM workshop organizers wanted us to leave them early so that it will not affect them....hmm

Majority of Saturday was CSITM workshop....later we got hold of the juniors :) Some hours of outbound activities and later some running around the campus :) Again we allowed them to go early back to hostel than what our seniors allowed us!!

A wonderful session on case study was the show-stealer on Sunday with a quick closing function since we started loosing audience exponentially :) Did we make them stretch too much? ;) :p

That marks my first year of MBA complete. Now just electives...will miss the core courses not because of subject content, but more because all 75 of us were together! Now onwards, we will in different classes attending different subjects!


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