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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quarter 4: A Retrospective

I know I have been keeping away from this blog for a very long time. The number of posts had dipped. This quarter was the craziest and I hated it to the highest extend possible. The last week of this quarter is fast approaching.And I am left with 2 case submissions, 2 projects, a quiz and 3 exams!! If fortunate, a surprise quiz too.

My CGPA has started behaving like a sine wave with consistent ups & dips. I am sure this quarter it will be a huge dip like stock market crashes :(

Finally decided to say bye bye to Finance though have taken an elective in next quarter :) I am not sure why I am 'finance' challenged! I studied only corporate finance this quarter so far and I am struggling hell a lot there!

Organizational Behavior has been a free ride so far; I hope it will be the same when it comes to end term also :) I have no idea what Operations Management is, so many theoretical terms and I am sure I will struggle there also irrespective how much ever time I spend there.

In terms of learning, I enjoyed the corporate finance as subject; OB was interesting when some psychology related topics were discussed, but later it became very boring....I enjoyed the simulation games in Operations Management classes :P

Overall, a pathetic quarter. No events in the campus though we had started planning for next batch's orientation.

Waiting eagerly to get the end term exams get over :P and enjoy a month's break :)


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