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Friday, May 20, 2011

40% MBA


First year of PGSEM is over with the submission of last assignment pending. An eventful year, a turning point or whatever you call it; it was wonderful!

Next one month is a break from hectic weekends, classes, assignments and exams :)

Days passes by very fast; A year back this time was also eventful, first with a waiting list, then a long pause with crossed fingers and finally IIMB opening its doors for me.

Looking back, I have learn t 13 subjects, attended or closely worked with 16 professors, wrote 20+ exams, 10+ projects, 20+ quizzes and many heated discussions & simulation games.

Do I remember all that I learn t so far or will I apply whatever learn t so far? A big NO!!

But the knowledge that was imparted to us will be helpful one day or another for sure. A typical example being - I am using some of the concepts that I learn t in marketing & strategy classes in my current role @ office. That is one of the best things one can get. I was unfortunate with that so far since I joined software development, while I learnt for four years about electrical engineering during my under graduate days.

Now with just electives left and having a decent grade to get any elective I want (of course, provided I maintain my grades), I believe I will be able to enjoy more the classes in the coming months!

I worked with 4 set of people so far - 

1) those who with the best brains and top in everything 
2) those with the best brains and never use it unless they really like to apply it
3) those who never feel dejected and keep trying to be at the top
4) those who doesn't care whatever be the case!

Some of the myths were broken in the first year such as (again it is just my personal opinion):

- The majority are normal guys who works hard even in the best IIMs
- Not all faculty will be the best even in top B Schools
- MBA is not easy; Getting there is only half way, the remaining half is even tougher
- Finance is dry; All go just behind money. Otherwise why didn't all these engineers didn't take B Com or some other finance major for their under graduation
- HR is not that boring as portrayed
- Even though managing corporations effectively and inefficiencies in bureaucracy and hierarchy are taught in these schools, it is still a bureaucratic government organization

Overall a memorable year. I enjoyed the following 3 subjects the most:

- Managing Organizations
- Principles of Marketing
- Strategic Management


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