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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Book Review : Principles of Corporate Finance

 A wonderful theoretical book! I really liked the extra things available as part of the book more (CD, the online resources & links) :P
The books really talks in a nice fashion. No doubts why it has been famous for years!

 Personally, some of the things I felt lacking are solved problems. Even though there are quizzes with answers for every chapter; I feel a need of more solved problems or at least answers to the Practice Questions. If you can get somehow the solutions; its the best book you can get even for a complete self study.

 Make sure you visit all the web resources given in the book & also the CD. They are truly valuable! Overall the book covers every basic concepts of Corporate Finance and well the concept of time value of money and other very basic foundational concepts.

If you are planning a career in finance or are a finance enthusiast, corporate finance is one of the most fundamental subjects and this book is a treasure indeed