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Sunday, March 20, 2011

over to marketing!

2010 -> 2011
EGL -> Manayata
Engineer -> Manager :P
Coding -> Marketing!

Yes I decided to change my career direction drastically and a couple of managers were kind enough to provide me an opportunity also. I am not sure whether this is the right direction, only time will tell!

I will be working in the goto market team for a segment of products in requirements & quality management domains. So i can write a little bit on that experience also going forward!

By the way, this quarter is pathetic. The OB subject is very vague. I thought I will learn some psychology and coach many people :P But looks like to read that book itself, I need a coach! I have been seriously doubting nowadays I am I that mathematically challenged? I am not liking any of the finance subjects! The professor for corporate finance is good, a person who held high level positions in the industry turned an academician. Operations Management professor is in his world, we are in a level apart :P

This quarter will be interesting with no mid term exams as such, but only with lots of assignment and projects. Soon I guess I will start saying exams are good!


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