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Sunday, March 27, 2011

one by one leaves fall...

Its the right time to listen to 'One by One' by Enya. So many adios, so many good byes some we will not see again some we will surely!

"One by one my leaves fall.
One by one my tales are told."

Last couple of weeks have been good bye time in office, campus and where not...
Another batch in graduating on March 31; its happy at the same time sad that a set of seniors who helped us a lot will be leaving us soon; happy in a sense soon we will be the seniors to the next batch :)

Yesterday was the graduation dinner put forth by the batch for professors and families. It was a nice one! In office also it has been good bye team including mine. I will miss a couple of my colleagues for sure. The new team looks to be great, lots of change in work culture, domain & nature of work! I hope this will be a break through in my career :)

Another sad thing happened this week was the sad demise of one our most sought after professors in IIM, Prof.Thiru. I wasn't fortunate enough to sit in his class; he was an authority in Marketing discipline which makes me even sad :(


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