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Friday, March 4, 2011

crisis management

It has been days since i have written a post in the blog. Last few weeks were extremely busy ones with lots of work at office, assignments & projects at IIM. Now that 3rd quarter is over, I believe I can spend time in blogging :)

This quarter was hectic with four subjects which included some vague ones. I will write about third quarter in a different post.

So far one of the most important skills in which I improved is crisis management :p
With 5 project submissions, this quarter peaked in testing one's ability to manage time, patience and crisis. The beauty of group projects is that you learn more than in class if you are doing the project sincerely. For each and everything, there will be four opinions, four suggestions and obviously reaching a common ground is tough. There will be free-runners and there will be worker ants. Often, one's role gets switched. And automatically, this will become an issue in the group as you might have guessed rightly!

With no reduction in work pressure and obligations to family, there is no wonder you will become a great crisis manager!

Next quarter starts on March 11. There are some changes in my role at work also.
So combined, it will be a roller-coaster ride in the next quarter. Meanwhile, behind the scene work has started for 2011 batch orientation has started and also there is going to be a conference on IT during orientation. It also includes a research paper presentation event. For more information visit:


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