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Sunday, March 27, 2011

one by one leaves fall...

Its the right time to listen to 'One by One' by Enya. So many adios, so many good byes some we will not see again some we will surely!

"One by one my leaves fall.
One by one my tales are told."

Last couple of weeks have been good bye time in office, campus and where not...
Another batch in graduating on March 31; its happy at the same time sad that a set of seniors who helped us a lot will be leaving us soon; happy in a sense soon we will be the seniors to the next batch :)

Yesterday was the graduation dinner put forth by the batch for professors and families. It was a nice one! In office also it has been good bye team including mine. I will miss a couple of my colleagues for sure. The new team looks to be great, lots of change in work culture, domain & nature of work! I hope this will be a break through in my career :)

Another sad thing happened this week was the sad demise of one our most sought after professors in IIM, Prof.Thiru. I wasn't fortunate enough to sit in his class; he was an authority in Marketing discipline which makes me even sad :(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

over to marketing!

2010 -> 2011
EGL -> Manayata
Engineer -> Manager :P
Coding -> Marketing!

Yes I decided to change my career direction drastically and a couple of managers were kind enough to provide me an opportunity also. I am not sure whether this is the right direction, only time will tell!

I will be working in the goto market team for a segment of products in requirements & quality management domains. So i can write a little bit on that experience also going forward!

By the way, this quarter is pathetic. The OB subject is very vague. I thought I will learn some psychology and coach many people :P But looks like to read that book itself, I need a coach! I have been seriously doubting nowadays I am I that mathematically challenged? I am not liking any of the finance subjects! The professor for corporate finance is good, a person who held high level positions in the industry turned an academician. Operations Management professor is in his world, we are in a level apart :P

This quarter will be interesting with no mid term exams as such, but only with lots of assignment and projects. Soon I guess I will start saying exams are good!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quarter 3 - A Retrospective

This quarter was the fastest so far and most hectic!

Four subjects, some of them being very attractive high-fi-turned dullest ones and some other good old ones. Principles of Marketing was one of the most awaited subjects and it didn't dissappoint me at all. The professor was too good with all fun, in-class excercises and case studies. We got the bible of marketing - Kotler :) and the professor was also special in a sense she was a disciple of Kotler during Phd :p

 The subject I hated the most in this quarter was Operations Research. I don't know why, the subject seemed to me interesting in the beginning; may be Prof ;) The approach of the professor was very different. He wanted to build the basics, but it went to high mathematical stuffs! So I was completely lost and ended up in  a 'C' grade ;)

Another subject from accounting, this time a better one Managerial Accounting. We were able to relate it to old engineering days. All about production, costs, budgeting, so on and so forth...The professor was very senior. I liked hearing from him about his professional experiences rather than the concepts :)  With him, already 3 professors who have authored various books that is being followed in B Schools have already taught me!

The last one was Law. I wished I will be a geek in law arguing whatever I can from a legal perspective. But I was disappointed. The professor just opened the door to a never-ending world of laws and legal systems. I got a basic understanding of how our legal system works, the Constitution, so on and so forth. The guest lectures were amazing.

Thats pretty much a gist of what we had in Q4!

Friday, March 4, 2011

crisis management

It has been days since i have written a post in the blog. Last few weeks were extremely busy ones with lots of work at office, assignments & projects at IIM. Now that 3rd quarter is over, I believe I can spend time in blogging :)

This quarter was hectic with four subjects which included some vague ones. I will write about third quarter in a different post.

So far one of the most important skills in which I improved is crisis management :p
With 5 project submissions, this quarter peaked in testing one's ability to manage time, patience and crisis. The beauty of group projects is that you learn more than in class if you are doing the project sincerely. For each and everything, there will be four opinions, four suggestions and obviously reaching a common ground is tough. There will be free-runners and there will be worker ants. Often, one's role gets switched. And automatically, this will become an issue in the group as you might have guessed rightly!

With no reduction in work pressure and obligations to family, there is no wonder you will become a great crisis manager!

Next quarter starts on March 11. There are some changes in my role at work also.
So combined, it will be a roller-coaster ride in the next quarter. Meanwhile, behind the scene work has started for 2011 batch orientation has started and also there is going to be a conference on IT during orientation. It also includes a research paper presentation event. For more information visit: