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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Review : Plain Truths About Investments By Debashis Basu

MBAs study about investments @ institutional levels. So you need to learn also about personal investments. A friend of mine thought so :) Hence he presented me this book. It was a light book; so easy to finish fast.

Well, talking about the book, I would recommend only if you don't know anything about investing or you are a youngster who is going to just start thinking about savings and investing.

I felt the first half to be plain truths in blah blah.... The section on Stocks seemed to me to be worth reading. Overall, for the price of the book, I feel its OK to spend. The author covers sections on:

Mutual Funds
Fixed Income Instruments
Non-traditional Investments

If you have noticed, I have used an affiliate of flipkart here like Amazon. Nice!
In terms of MBA jargon, they are a cloner, I guess :)


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