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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: A year that was...

2010 was one of the important years in my life! It started with lots of frustration in work, fights with managers on various issues and a January that I eagerly waited for a good CAT result. Unfortunately, I didn't get any calls and that was the point when I felt totally helpless!

However, the month of March changed everything with IIMB giving an interview call, though I was still pinched in work. I was happy and the interview went well. But, the final result was again a 'too near, yet too far' with I ending up in the waiting list. The waiting list for PGSEM rarely changes and hence I started preparing again for CAT 2010!! However the good news came in the 3rd week of May(just a week to start the classes) that finally IIMB has opened gates for me!!

8 months have passed by now. I have learn t already 10 subjects, attended a couple of business festivals, helped organizing events and attended lots of so called 'industry talks'. I will be able to grasp some of the aspects in the annual reports of companies, discuss authoritatively on the fiscal & monetary policies :p and strategies of companies and do an industry analysis!

I can forecast roughly anything since everything follows a normal distribution(side effects of the subject on probability & statistics :) ) and mentor managers on the importance of organizational structure, culture & behavior!

Two more years of gyaan on management & business and hopefully by then I will become equipped to become a good business leader :)

I hope you all enjoy reading the posts in this blog. Please provide your valuable comments...

Wish you all a happy new year!


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