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Monday, November 29, 2010

Quarter 2 - A retrospective

Second quarter went like a bullet train. My  mind is still fresh with the basics of macroeconomics and probability; but today, a lot have been covered and also I have completed those courses.

This quarter was very hectic with lots of quizzes, extra sessions and assignments. Organizational Theory was the most interesting subject and statistics was the scariest! Another reason, why this quarter was fast because it was eventful with our Business Fest; a conference for Product Mangers; a couple of industry talks and finally the open house for next year admissions.

The subjects in this quarter were more demanding, interesting and two of them the foundation stones for many of the courses to come The classes I enjoyed the most were our OB Professor's with his 18+ years of gyaan and jokes. I believe I will be able to comprehended more the articles in business and financial papers with the Macroeconomics classes. We got a gist of six sigma with the statistics classes and also it application in any field of business irrespective of whether it is marketing or sales or finance or even HR

Another myth that was broken this quarter was HR is always boring. I believe I will take some of the elective course in this are too! Another fact that was once again strengthened was that I may not be fit for finance and I am not good @ mathematics (Yeah! I know I am an Engineer, cracked entrance exam in flying colors and CAT to a decent level : P )

Already a Professor taking next quarter's Marketing class has started her duty with mails :)

Next week is a break from classes and studies which was really due!!


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