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Monday, November 22, 2010

Book Review : Organizational Theory, Change and Design

Organizational Theory, Change and Design, Indian Edition by Richard L. Daft was one our prescribed text books for the core course on Managing Organizations. However, this was also one of the typical examples that can happen in a B School were, we rarely bank on a text book since the reading materials and cases provided by the Professor is exhaustive enough for a life time!

However, I had read majority of the text(at least as a novel :) ) and found the book extremely useful and interesting. This book provides a solid theoretical foundation along with real life examples. I liked the way the author started each chapter with a real life case and explain the objectives of the chapter.

However, in many sections, it was written in a very theoretical, philosophical way which looked to me to be in-practical or confusing.

The 4th edition (India Edition) covers briefly all aspects of organizational theory starting with uncertainties to modern topics like aspects of globalization and impact of information technology.

I would consider the companion site of the book to be mediocre considering fabulous additional resources provided with other books.

A caution : Out professor used to mention that the newer editions of the book have drastically changed and many, out of focus. Hence would recommend you to clearly go through your course content before buying it.


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