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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Book Review : Macroeconomic Policy Environment

Macroeconomic Policy Environment - An Analytical Guide for Managers by Prof. Shyamal Roy was one our prescribed textbooks for this Quarter's core course on Macroeconomics. It is in fact written by one of IIMB professor.

This book is predominantly targeted for Indian context and hence I feel a good read for all Indian B School students. At the same time, you will not see any flaw in terms of international contexts. This book is highly recommended for those who like to understand from a real life scenario perspective about Indian economy, concepts that a manger should be aware of and how the various economic factors affect a manager's decisions

The attractive thing about this book is its written in a lucid manner, which even a layman can easily understand. All the concepts are explained in a simple manner with very less equations or mathematical treatment. It covers all aspects of economy starting from GDP calculations to aggregate demand/supply to monetary & fiscal policies to implications to managerial decision making.

A must read for students and managers!


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