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Monday, November 29, 2010

Quarter 2 - A retrospective

Second quarter went like a bullet train. My  mind is still fresh with the basics of macroeconomics and probability; but today, a lot have been covered and also I have completed those courses.

This quarter was very hectic with lots of quizzes, extra sessions and assignments. Organizational Theory was the most interesting subject and statistics was the scariest! Another reason, why this quarter was fast because it was eventful with our Business Fest; a conference for Product Mangers; a couple of industry talks and finally the open house for next year admissions.

The subjects in this quarter were more demanding, interesting and two of them the foundation stones for many of the courses to come The classes I enjoyed the most were our OB Professor's with his 18+ years of gyaan and jokes. I believe I will be able to comprehended more the articles in business and financial papers with the Macroeconomics classes. We got a gist of six sigma with the statistics classes and also it application in any field of business irrespective of whether it is marketing or sales or finance or even HR

Another myth that was broken this quarter was HR is always boring. I believe I will take some of the elective course in this are too! Another fact that was once again strengthened was that I may not be fit for finance and I am not good @ mathematics (Yeah! I know I am an Engineer, cracked entrance exam in flying colors and CAT to a decent level : P )

Already a Professor taking next quarter's Marketing class has started her duty with mails :)

Next week is a break from classes and studies which was really due!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Review : Complete Business Statistics

What can I say about this book? Simply superb!
There are some books which I fell in love with, Complete Business Statistics by Amir Aczel & Jayavel  Sounderpandian is one of them. When I started the course, I was totally blank. With the high rigor at the school, this book helped me to reach to some level in understanding the concepts!

It explains well all the concepts of introductory statistics lucidly. The way the authors handled the use of excel is also good. The most important thing which I liked was the templates of the books. It really helps (caution: it may also be counter productive). It also covers the basics of advanced topics like multi variate analysis, chi squared tests and decision making to good extent.

I strongly recommend this book for any introductory level business statistics course. The only cons I was noticing is real life problems. But I am sure in the latest edition, that would also be included.

Don't forget to use well the companion site @ http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0070620164/student_view0/index.html

Monday, November 22, 2010

Book Review : Organizational Theory, Change and Design

Organizational Theory, Change and Design, Indian Edition by Richard L. Daft was one our prescribed text books for the core course on Managing Organizations. However, this was also one of the typical examples that can happen in a B School were, we rarely bank on a text book since the reading materials and cases provided by the Professor is exhaustive enough for a life time!

However, I had read majority of the text(at least as a novel :) ) and found the book extremely useful and interesting. This book provides a solid theoretical foundation along with real life examples. I liked the way the author started each chapter with a real life case and explain the objectives of the chapter.

However, in many sections, it was written in a very theoretical, philosophical way which looked to me to be in-practical or confusing.

The 4th edition (India Edition) covers briefly all aspects of organizational theory starting with uncertainties to modern topics like aspects of globalization and impact of information technology.

I would consider the companion site of the book to be mediocre considering fabulous additional resources provided with other books.

A caution : Out professor used to mention that the newer editions of the book have drastically changed and many, out of focus. Hence would recommend you to clearly go through your course content before buying it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Book Review : Macroeconomic Policy Environment

Macroeconomic Policy Environment - An Analytical Guide for Managers by Prof. Shyamal Roy was one our prescribed textbooks for this Quarter's core course on Macroeconomics. It is in fact written by one of IIMB professor.

This book is predominantly targeted for Indian context and hence I feel a good read for all Indian B School students. At the same time, you will not see any flaw in terms of international contexts. This book is highly recommended for those who like to understand from a real life scenario perspective about Indian economy, concepts that a manger should be aware of and how the various economic factors affect a manager's decisions

The attractive thing about this book is its written in a lucid manner, which even a layman can easily understand. All the concepts are explained in a simple manner with very less equations or mathematical treatment. It covers all aspects of economy starting from GDP calculations to aggregate demand/supply to monetary & fiscal policies to implications to managerial decision making.

A must read for students and managers!