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Monday, October 4, 2010

Was this my cup of tea?

ps: this post may be demotivating!

I am really fed up...scared, irritated, and whatever negative thought you can think of...

WHY? You may ask. Unfortunately I am in such a situation...so far 1/3rd of the second term has been over and I have no clues what these subjects are all about? Already two quizes over, another scheduled for this week. Mid terms from Oct 15.

In a B School, there are three things you can look into academics, extra curriculars and sleep. General notion is, you can concentrate on at most 2 out of these three. But for poor souls like us, PGSEMers there is one more to look into - Job; and for more unfortunate souls, a family too to look after. That way, a bachelor like me is a little lucky :)

I am Engineer by degree, by profession, but I hate maths; I don't know why and when I became like this.

Its regrettable, if the Professor who teaches Quant is in a different level from those like me and he expects much more! I never thought, I will be interested in HR; however interestingly, it seems to be attracting me!! - may be because of the Professor or because I can easily relate whatever is discussed in the class; Organizational behavior seems to be a nice area to explore. Unfortunately, I haven't got time (really??; well not in a mood to study at all :p ) to read the text or for that matter even a single reading assigned! Macroeconomics seems to be little better, but it proved the other way to an extent after the last quiz.

In office, the days are getting even worse with an additional responsibility of coordinating a small team. Overall, life is becoming little miserable :(

An interesting FB status from a fellow PGSEMer : "Company claims half...IIMB claims another half...what will happen to me and my better half;) hehe"


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