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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long Days.........

Wasn't it a holiday, wasn't it a weekend??

It doesn't matters for us :) lectures, quizzes, exams and industry talks !! this is a typical day here.

And today, irrespective of being a Sunday, I worked for more than 8 hours on an assignment we need to submit this week!!!

It has been quite sometime since I wrote here and I believe, no need of explanation :)
I am planning for a night out - not for studies, but to watch a movie ;)

Closing the post with a brief on the talk by Mr.Subhash Dhar, Senior Vice President, Infosys that we had last Saturday. He is also an IIMB alumnus. The talk was predominantly on the Indian IT services sector and opportunities for MBA graduates in IT/ITES industry. He started his speech with his life as an IIMBian, struggle in start ups and technological firms and finally about his stint @ Infosys.

Some of the interesting facts he stressed on were the consumerization of IT and its impact on the corporates and the way they look at the new trend. He noted that the services are becoming more individualistic. As per industry research reports, individual IT services are way above corporate IT services. Once the services are commoditized, 'catering to many' becomes important. The success of a firm will be predominantly based on two factors:

1) Simple and easy communication to the consumers
2) Accommodating financial structure

The above factors fasten the process of achieving and sustaining success in the fast changing IT services sector. Once the services become consumer-centric, as in any other commodities, differentiation becomes the key factor.

Innovative and effective ways of marketing, financial engineering models and changing incentive models to keep the best brains are required and he stressed that these are what you should and are trying to develop in a B School.

On a lighter note, he also discussed on various career opportunities in technology sector and product management was highly commended on! :)


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