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Monday, August 30, 2010

Quarter 1 - A retrospective

3 months passed by as a B Schooler. Days were flying; still can't believe one quarter out of ten is over. Sometimes I feel happy there are nine more to go; sometimes I frown, only one is over; nine more to go :)

It is a memorable time and will be for at least for awhile. I met and made new friends, some of same age group, some old some of same wavelength some out range league :) Studied and applied (really? ;) ) applied three subjects, which I felt were interesting at least in the beginning and I am sure will benefit me some time in life.

I learn t to read an annual report, understood some Games All Accountants Play (GAPP :p ), understood something about pricing, OPEC & cartels, some gyaan on Strategy, price wars and so on. Among the three subjects, I enjoyed Strategy, though I didn't participate much in the class discussion. The interesting part was when the Professor finally agreed that strategy is 50% luck!

After years, did some academic projects, debated a lot during them, and spend some night-outs. So far 6 exams, 5 assignments, 3 subjects and a quiz over. So far interesting.... :)

Was part of organizing an event, attended another B School event and going to contest for an election!

Quarter 2 starts on September 10. A tough mathematics subject awaiting... :(


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