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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Another hectic weekend; though still interesting :)

Got the Microeconomics mid term paper - good score ;) 4 more weeks in Quarter 1. Have to submit two projects in 3 weeks. In one group, we haven't yet come to a conclusion on which is the topic we are concentrating on :P (One looses temper explaining his/her view; other looses patience; another is trying to resolve the issue and i am keeping myself as a silent spectator :). ) For the second project, the Professor is still teaching the area on which we have to concentrate as part of the project, so can leave it for the time being! . For the third project each one of the group is banking on the remaining seven :P

And finally, the date for Pehel is fixed. The date was back & forth changing and finally it will happen on August 7th. So many problems & back offs :(.  We were in the campus printing the invites, putting it in the notice boards, inviting faculty & informing seniors till night. I am relieved some 6-8 guys are there who are ready to somewhat run behind things. And I am back now creating some spam :) and in parallel writing this post(Sunday 2:19AM)...Its really hard to keep every stakeholders in mind while  organizing an event :( I wish & pray the event becomes a grant success.

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  1. abe yaar...thu tho free rider hai kya...kollam natakkette...