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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Book Review : Microeconomics by Pindyck, Rubinfeld & Prem L. Mehta

Microeconomics by Robert S. Pindyck, Daniel L. Rubinfeld and Prem L. Mehta was the recommended text book for us.

I have to say wonderful book! Less mathematical treatment with emphasis on real life cases and just required mathematical treatment. I never expected this subject will be interesting - not sure was it because of the textbook or the professor :) The book covers at a intermediate / introductory level from the basic of microeconomics like supply & demand to game theory & asymmetrical information scenarios.

I really liked the example cases explained in the textbook. It covers most of the topics in introductory microeconomics. If you can get the solutions to the problems, this is the best book even for a self study :)

The students resources are not so impressive; However as I mentioned earlier, if you can get the solutions to the exercises; its good enough.


  1. where can i get the solutions from?

  2. iam sorry...you have to talk to the faculty :)

  3. helllo. In my faculty they do not have it :(

  4. somebody plz help me. I am in great need of this book and it is not available in my library. so plz somebody sent this at my id : nvntprasad3@gmail.com or shyam33310@yahoo.com

    Indian Institute of Technology, Indore