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Sunday, July 4, 2010

quizes, mid term, projects.....

Week by week, its getting worse, at the same time interesting.

We had our first surprise quiz yesterday. It was funny. I don't want to talk about it ;)
I liked this week's strategic management classes, because there weren't much case discussion and chaos. Back to the world of microeconomics. The professor talked about consumer behavior, pricing. I always wanted to know how companies do pricing, if I were to launch a product what price level, can I set etc. The professor touched some of these topics, but was more theoretical. I guess, we will learn those in some marketing papers.

Our mid terms start next week with Financial Accounting. Its a closed book exam. The professor was mocking us saying this will be a closed book exam so that you can gauge yourself where you stand and later for the end term we can have an open book. The other two exams are scheduled a week later, I guess :) Both will be open book.

I had the first personal discussion with a professor @ IIM. We, as a group had to discuss and finalize about the project for Strategic Management. He seems to be a good person; only thing is I am finding it difficult to digest the subject. He was very interested in our project and mentioned it will be very interesting to do an analysis of this industry (Lighting Controls; more on this when we progress to some extend)

Pehel meetings are progressing; We have decided on the theme & now we have dive into implementation :)

Tomorrow is a nation wide strike. Hence, would like to spend some time studying Financial Accounting & Strategy, lets see how it goes....


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