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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A good week...

Last week was a good one for me. We got the FINAC mid term paper. To my surprise, it was not as bad as I thought, and was average in the class. One thing which was interesting was even in this level, people were fighting for 1/2 and 1 mark. The microeconomics professor came with a smiling professor since his latest book was released last week & was happily mentioning about it. Then he moved his topic of discussion and said, you may have come out of the exam hall with all smiling faces; but there was a tricky question, for which most of you didn't answer properly!!

The Strategic Management class was also good with case discussions on Indian Airline Industry and Walmart. I participated in both the discussions which had become a rare one for days now. It is interesting to see how we can establish that a firm is 100% successful; at the same time it is full of controversies in reality!

Last Saturday, we finally saw lots of participation from the class for Pehel. We have now formed lots of sub groups and assigned tasks for each. The SAC Senior members were furious on the way we were handling the organizing since we haven't got the green signal from Director so far :P So finally, we decided to postpone the event to August 8, Sunday.

We have started slowly the projects. We have to submit two by August 21 and another by September 4. Lets see how sincerely we can do them ;)


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