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Sunday, July 18, 2010

1st set of mid terms over

Things happen so far. I am not able to see how days fly. Still remember the orientation days....ah! already the first set of mid terms is over.

Yesterday, there were two exams. One on Microeconomics - which was easy (may be the Professor knew we are poor souls; but the funny thing is he was scaring us too much and also forced us to attend many tute sessions by his Associate) and the second one was on Strategy which was a case on Apple, 3 hours - nice part was the Professor even arranged a tea for us during the exam :) Our Strategy Professor used to say there are no right & wrong strategy - I would like to extend it by saying there are no right or wrong analysis in the strategy exam also ;) Only GOD knows how much marks will I get!

I thought, since the exams are over, its a relief at least for the next one month. I opened my mail - boom! an assignment in FINAC to be submitted by Thursday! And we have barely a month to give the final projects for two subjects..So the tough time is not over; the sad part is its not for the next 2.5 years at the least :)

Seniors have consistently started mocking, whether we are conducting the Pehel - cultural festival this time or not. Unfortunately, I am also a member of the organizing committee we formed :) I would like to confirm YES! here it comes again....on July 31

With the Pehel work + assignments + office + house shifting...I will go crazy this week!!

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  1. is there a better definition to "multi tasking" ?