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Sunday, July 25, 2010

1st experience of organizing an event @ IIMB

Pehel 2010

The first event to be organized by the incoming batch.

Hey! wait, you are already there; you might ask...OK let Pehel is the first event to be organized by the first PGSEM :P It was supposed to happen in the 1st week or 2n week of July. But unfortunately, it has been postponed till 1st week of August. By then, we would have almost completed our 1st quarter :)

This time, I volunteered for those activities in which I have been not so active during college days - communications & stage coordination. So far, the communications part has been good. I believe I was able to contribute individually something. Let's see what happen for the stage coordination.

@ IIMB, anything is possible. I learned (well, a crash course with just minimal tricks) about photoshop, publisher, printing...

As usual, I was able to see people strong & sincere in logistics, program coordination, innovative ideas and also those who are there in the group for namesake :D

After around 4 years, have been participating in organizing a college event. As usual lots of roadblocks, challenges; but budget seem to be not a constraint here.


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