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Sunday, June 27, 2010

In the wonderland of case studies

"Vijay, Is SouthWest Airlines successful?"

Our Professor for Strategic Management started the actual class with the question. Luckily, I had read the case to some extend. However, before I started my opinion, the CP Guys (Class Participation) started posting their opinions. The professor had to cut short them to hear from me :)
My answer was acceptable in the first day of a case study based class. But, it may not have been the case, if the class was somewhere in the middle of the term. Anyway, the class continued with lots of heated debates, questions and theory.

Ah! what pedagogy is this?

After the end of the class, I was not able to understand, is SWA truly successful, is their strategy correct; however, as the Professor mentioned, no strategy is correct or wrong; it can be good or bad, given the context. The next case was on Colas and a wonderful introduction to Porter's Five forces.
I have to read about it at least couple of more times to understand its power. As of now, everything seems to me to be just common sense. But I feel hard to substantiate the analysis. 

Hmm...have to read the case quite diligently.

Meanwhile, came across some of the good videos on these...

Have to read 2 more cases for the next week and lots of reading material.
Ledger, Journal, Trial Balance..... in Financial Accounting.....
Elasticity, Consumer Behavior etc in Microeconomics.... 

& have a critical release @ office....24 hours is not enough for me :P


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