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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Book Summary : How to Sell Yourself by Joe Girard

I thought it will be beneficial for the reader to have more than the MBA experience. Hence I thought of sharing some interesting inputs I get from reading books. So here I start with my first review...

How to sell yourself is a wonderful motivational book written by Joe Girard with Robert Casemore. Joe Girard is acclaimed as "The World's Greatest Salesman" by the Guinness book of World Records for selling 1425 new cars in a single year. More than a motivational book, this portrays how we can put ourselves so that anybody will buy us or what ever we are selling. Thus it is also a good self help book.In this book, he talks about the various strategies, one can take to make oneself appeal able to others, how to develop the basic skills and winning character traits. It also reveals some of the best "selling strategies".

In the first chapters, he basically talks about some of the tips that can be used to boost our self confidence. Some of the tips are trivial like:

- Write in a good paper "I Am the Number One". Take copies of it and put it in where ever you visit often in a day - be it near your study table or bathroom

- Repeat the statement 10 times after to you wake up and before you go to bed - "I Am the Number One". I would suggest "I Am capable of achieving anything in this world! I Am the best"

- Associate with only those people who are self confident or for that matter a bit over confident and Winners. Never with losers

- Dress properly and be neat & appealing

- Understand this - If you don't a confidence in yourself, how can you expect others to have confidence in you

Further in the book,  he talks about how we can develop positive attitudes. Some very effective tips:

- Think yourself, every day as successful, loving, attractive, friendly, helpful, generous, courageous, and optimistic & having peace of mind

- Widen your outlook by looking at all sides of a question
- Toss out your prejudices no matter how deeply you may have clung to them in the past

Then he goes on explaining how we can exercise enthusiasm and inject a positive energy within ourselves and those around us.

Some of the other tips I liked are:

1. Care about something deeply - Set a goal & always be enthused about it. Let's say you want to reach IIT. Visualize yourself that you are studying in IIT. This will imbibe a positive energy in yourself & once you achieve your goal, your joys will know no bounds. In the case of long term goals, split it smaller goals and follow the above principle. Once you achieve a smaller goal, it will act as a boost to acieve the next goal, there by finally realizing your dream.

2. Get excited out loud - Boost your excitation with some incentive. Say if you complete your studies today, you will go out for a movie

3. Use a battery charger - Be a self charger. Always keep in mind never to loose that enthusiasm

4. When you smile at some one, you are likely to get a smile back. They will remember it in the next meeting.

5. If you are ready to say a couple of words like, your name sounds sweet or nice dress, it will probably spark a similar comment in return.

6. When you are introducing yourself, after the first introduction of names, ask again:

"What is your good name again, please? I want to be sure to remember it". And when you are told, repeat it aloud. The other person will love to hear it played back. I think this will definitely work in many cases.

Joe Girard, then talks about how we should use the "buyer's language" and managing our memory. In the later chapters, he talks on various things like the importance of telling truth, keeping the promises etc.

In this book, he devotes a chapter for you people alone, in which he discusses how the young people can come forward successfully ASAP without considering the lack of experience as hindarance. In an another that devoted for old/experienced people, he discusses some tips that they can follow instead of feeling they have become old.

In the last few chapters, he discusses about the various selling strategies for products and services. Finally the authors move to real selling!

I would recommend all of you to read the book, its worth reading & having a copy!


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