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Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Day Blues...

The 2.5 journey began with Microeconomics by Prof.Damodaran. He started with a short introduction, then straight away jumping to the exam patterns and a detailed information on the project we have to do. Its a group assignment to be submitted at the end of the course on innovation & IP. The trick is we have to apply microeconomics as much as we can.

He continued the class with the agenda, then straightaway jumping into Demand & Supply. It was interesting to hear from one of the best professors in the domain; it became more interesting with lots of participation & questions from the students aka class participation.
For every concept the Professor introduced, there were questions from us; finally the Professor saying, "all you are saying will be taken into account; but not in the first class of microeconomics; I am just introducing the basics" :)

The session was followed by the next one on Financial Accounting by Prof.Jayadev. He seemed to me to be very jovial, smiling always and in the first few minutes itself, emphasising everything draws down to money :) In this class also, there was no crunch for class participation; once again making the Professor to slip the assignment he intended to give in the first day. We rock!!

Again followed by a session on Microeconomics; I felt it was too much for the day, but some of the participants in the class didn't seemed to be so. I felt like, I know little. 

The typical first day blues.....


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