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Thursday, May 20, 2010

PGSEM Interview

The interview was after one month on April 25 (Sunday)
My Slot was 9AM

Essay - Challenges faced by Indian IT industry to maintain the growth in the next decade

Wrote some good points. But later noticed that, my concentration was more on the challeges faced by an firm, rather than the industry as a whole. Guess, that was ok :)

Interview - 2nd one to be called
Panel - 2 Young guys (1 working in Yahoo; other may be a faculty)

1. Tell us something about yourself?
2. What do you blog on? (I mentioned blogging in introduction; A long discussions on blogs)
3. Oh!, you blog about online marketing, can you compare text & video marketing?
4. What is your take on video marketing?
5. Who is the market leader in video marketing? (Said Google; corrected me saying, for you information, its Yahoo)
6. What do you think is the rigor of PGSEM?
7. What are the adjustments and preparation one may need to take for this course?
8. How many hours will you think will be needed for this course preparation?
9. Why PGSEM and not PGP?
10. What do you expect to gain from this course? (guess, made some mistake in the middle, one panelist kept on asking more and more)
11. Which area are you interested in?
12. Can you explain your job profile?
13. Do you have client interaction?
14. What are the challenges you face when interacting with the customers?
15. Why product management?
16. What is the difference between services marketing and product marketing? (Long discussion, finally they mentioned, "No, you are contradicting the two; you seems to be not clear on the exact difference between the two?" :D )
17. What are the challenges of a senior manager, say having 10 years of experience?
18. What do you think are the necessary qualities of him? (Mentioned 4-5)
19. That’s all, only four qualities?, what about presentation skills? :D
20. What are your hobbies?
21. Which CSR activities of the IBM do you participate in?
22. In the SOP, you mentioned that every one tends to put the blame on system or Government for social issues, what differently do you do? (They grilled me on this :) )
23. What all individual contributions can be done to resolve child labor?
24. no, no...but that didn't the issue you are taking about (i was talking about child labor)
25. some ethical questions (finally they said, what ever you are saying will help only to lessen the guilt feelings, not the actual problem)
26. We don't have any more questions, do you want to ask something to us?


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