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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Orientation - Day 3

After sleeping for 3.5 hours, I woke up again at around 7 AM; because I had to complete the assignment that Prof. Agrawal gave. After finishing the breakfast, we went to the P11 lecture hall for the session on introduction to case study method of learning by Prof. Jose. To our surprise, the Robin Hood case was really given by the professor and not entirely a mock(however, PPT was not intended by the professor, I guess). It was a nice discussion. Again going like fish market discussion at times. The session finished with the professor explaining about how is classes will be, how to do well with case analysis etc. Till now, I haven't spoken in the class. I guess, I have to change it ASAP since a decent percentage of the marks is for class participation. This was followed by a session on positive psychology and meditation by Mr. Sandeep, who is with HSBC for the past 18 years. He was mainly talking about how to find the happiness, importance of meditation etc. Again the topic was too subjective, and I was not able to agree with him in certain occasions. The class was again very active.

Before lunch, we had another short session on the learning resources available at IIMB by Naufal, SAC member. The results for the events happening over the last 3 days were announced. We won the first place for blogs. However, there was tight competition among the teams. So SAC members announced there will be another event - Mad Ads after lunch.
We were asked to assemble by 2PM & the product that our group had to market was imported potatoes at the rate of Rs 200/Kg. I guess, we were the most creative group. We grabbed the first place ending overall at second place.
That brought to the conclusion of the 3 day orientation of PGSEM 2010 batch.

It was really a nice experience - the enthusiasm & efforts put by our seniors, peers, the stay at the hostel....

We are lucky to have a break for two weeks; and the classes officially start from June 18.


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