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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Orientation - Day 2

whoo! was awake till 3-3:30 AM, writing the experience, preparing for the skits etc. Actually, we had divided ourselves into two groups, one covering the skit discussions & the other covering blogging. After completing my blog post, visited the computer centre with the group leader, Prateep. Had a nice chat, and we departed for the day. We were asked to be at the lecture hall L1, sharp by the SAC members. So kept an alarm for 7 AM - virtually a sleep of around 3 hours.

I got up at around 6:30 AM itself, and took a quick batch. Our group had decided to assemble near the mess at 7:30 AM to discuss about the blogs & other events of the day. But only 7 out of the 19 turned up. After a small discussion, we went to the MDC(Management Development Centre) for breakfast. We reached the lecture hall by only 8:05 AM; and the hall was already closed. We were told a surprise quiz is going on and we will not be allowed to take it. After a while, a mid 30's looking like gentle man came out of the lecture hall (we were seeing him for the first time), and said -  he will allow us to take the test with 5 minutes less the allotted time. We were puzzled, that whether he is a real professor.

The quiz was a horrible experience with lots of questions from Microeconomics & Finance(which are two of the three subjects for us). We were given only 10 minutes; but it was enough since most of the questions were un answerable and guessing is not allowed (negative marking was there). But fortunately, later we came to know that it is another mock from our seniors :) ; just to give the actual feel of how the surprise quizzes will be and the importance of punctuality even to the extend of 1 minute.

By 9 AM, Prof. Agrawal came to the lecture hall to take his session on "What I want to learn @ IIM-B". He started with some gyaan on what we can expect @ IIMB and what all inputs are required from our side. He stressed on the effort, commitment & enthusiasm, we need to put since, we will be in campus only for 2-3 days. Then he started picking some from the class, asking them to talk on their expectations. Then he stressed on having a vision, clear mind on what you want to achieve and keep asking yourself, what I am learning? Then he moved to very abstract topics like Concept of Ba & the The Fifth Discipline (by Peter M. Senge). I didn't understand properly what he was trying to teach and started getting bored. But it didn't seem to be the case for my peers. The discussion went on & on. After awhile, we were given an assignment, in which we have to analyse the problems, one's organization is facing and come up with suggestions to tackle it; both from a person point of view and organization point of view. The discussion went on for long that, it became kind of boring for many and also for the professor. He had to hard stop with another assignment he wanted to discuss in the class pending. So he asked us to submit it the next day by 9:30 AM.

After lunch, we were asked to assemble at the auditorium to continue with the sports and cultural events. Also the task was assigned to the group captains to form the teams for various sports events. Our seniors scheduled the events in such a way that many events will go in parallel, forcing everyone in the groups to participate in some event or the other. Brilliant! ;  but this was a herculean task for us :(

Already we were last in the rankings; so we devised a strategy (wow, I have started using buzzwords ;) ) in such a way that we can have strong teams for some events at the least. It turned out to be the right strategy, we coming first in the volley ball, second in cricket & third in most of the other events like general quiz, logo quiz, basket ball, badminton etc. Sports events ended by around 6:30 and we were asked to assemble immediately at the auditorium to start the skit/talent show. Our script writer, Alok were one of the best among the bunch. Our skit became a wonderful entertainment for the audience  with a dance from Rakshmi & a song from Prateep; eventually, we grabbing yet another first place. It was dinner time and, we were again asked to assemble at the auditorium by 9:30PM for treasure hunt and to pass over some information about a case study that we have to submit. Again a twist was there - the details about the case study will be given only after completing the treasure hunt. Since we have a session on case study analysis; the next day somewhere in the dilemma that whether its a seniors' activity or a real assignment. Some left for the day, remaining assembled for the treasure hunt at around 9:45PM(I think we missed again the aspect of punctuality :) ). We had to find 21 clues which can any  be where in the campus(which sprawls acres). We decided to go in groups of four and Prateep coordinated the hunt through calls. Our seniors had in put in lot of efforts to make the hunt maximum fun, at the same time tough. An interesting thing happened during the hunt for my sub group. There was a clue "Welcome to HELL". After running to various places, we thought it might be somewhere in the main reception area, and started searching everywhere there, even the foot mats (Welcome is written in bold in these). Suddenly the security came to us and said, "How many people will come here and change these and search here; I have to put it back in the right position all the times :) ). Finally we were called back, since the time was only upto 11:30PM. Many clues couldn't be found by any one. However once again, we grabbed the second place.

Then the case study was given to us. It was about the problems faced by Robin Hood to maintain his quest. We were asked to analyze the case and submit a PPT with 12 slides. Since it was a Robin Hood case study, many of us thought, its again a seniors' activity only. The deadline was to submit it by next day, 8AM. We formed sub groups among us of 4 - Alok, Abhisek, Prashanth & Me. We started the discussion and went till 2:30AM, when we finally finished the PPT. I came to understand the importance of group brainstorming for a case. I slept once again at around 3:30 AM....

hmm...this is B School life...

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  1. Vijay, this seems really funny to read.....

    Congrats reaching the top places for all the contests you participated...

    Happy posting!!